The loutraki korinth

Loutraki is internationally renowned spa, therapeutic station and tourist resort, situated on the northern cove of the Corinthian Gulf, famous for its healing mineral waters and of course, the rare natural environment. the water of life "as aptly described, is a symbol for Loutraki, since its therapeutic properties and its beneficial effects are known through the ages.
   The ideal location of Loutraki, which combines the crystal blue sea, beautiful beaches and the mountains and fir forest and lush vegetation that reaches the beaches, it offers unlimited possibilities for excursions, since geographically it is located in a prime position in Greece. lies in the fact that it is within walking distance from Athens. The temperate Mediterranean climate, the crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches, which then awarded since 1987 to the "BLUE FLAG OF EUROPE" and the lush pine forest of Gerania that unfolds around it, combine the unparalleled image. Prolonged sunshine that prevails in the region throughout the year, and the lack of moisture, highly favorable health tourism and natural way reintegration.
  Loutraki lively spa is not only one of the most ideal holiday destinations, but also a suitable place of residence, Loutraki is a core culture. And developed as hotel units of all categories and a multitude of pension is ready to receive during the entire time, and especially in the summer, thousands of visitors to the famous resorts. Proper nutrition is assured thanks to a lot of good restaurants and tavernas where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish or anything else you wish. Lovers of the sea, they discover in Loutraki a paradise with ideal conditions for swimming, surfing, fishing. Even tennis, basketball, volleyball, exist to complete the cycle of natural healthy holiday with sport. And certainly opportunities for entertainment and shopping, are limitless. A large number of shops, boutiques, jewelry shops, galleries, cinemas, bars, Disco, and nightclubs are offered for all ages and all tastes. Another emotion: the No. 1 CASINO Europe. The CASINO Loutraki. At the luxurious and comfortable environment, the visitor can experience the favor of the goddess Tyche.
What else could be missing from the unique Loutraki!. A luxurious spa you can experience unique moments. The new Spa of Loutraki enjoy experiences rejuvenation and wellness with thermal water, as did the ancient Greeks 2,500 years ago. The beneficial effects of healing water but were earlier known in the ancient world, since the first report of its rejuvenating properties, is already done by the historian Xenophon, who in his "Greek IV», says Spartan soldiers after battles, to rest and rejuvenate, went into the healing waters of the Thermae. To see the spas of Loutraki click here.
  The rarity of climatic factors prevailing in the area, make the place ideal for winter and summer tourism, but also for various other activities offered to visitors. The climate is ideal for permanent residence because the winter is short and does not reach low temperatures. The air of Loutraki eliminates moisture and gives the cool summer air. The average air temperature reaches: 15-30 ° C average sea temperature: 15-26 ° C Humidity: 50-70 .. A unique combination of excellent weather conditions and natural environment, give in Loutraki multiple privileges.
   The bus routes, running daily from Loutraki and hourly to and from Corinth, hourly to and from Athens and a connection with regular traffic with Perahora - Pisia - Lake Vouliagmeni - Blessed Patapios. Also Connecting via Isthmus station operates intercity bus service that connects Loutraki to all over Greece. Click here to see routes In addition, easy access to Loutraki happens with the suburban train from the airport across Athens to Corinth and from Piraeus. The suburban is just 6 chil.apo Loutraki were running every hour.
    The tradition is closely connected with the modern lifestyle. The various cultural events ranging from the carnival, with a parade of floats in the city and follows the Net Monday Vlach Weddings in Perahora. Then on Easter Monday performed the dance of Giarenti. Summer in Loutraki events for all tastes, satisfying even the most demanding visitor: concerts, plays, dance performances and various other chapeningks.I Municipal Band, the cheerleaders and booking of various musical and dance groups give a cheerful tone to our city and help more efficient and creative rehabilitation and treatment. But until the end of time will be several lectures, exhibitions, debates, etc., they always retain expect the flame of civilization in our country.
    The drinking of performed thermal or mineral water, depending on the case. The unique natural mineral water of Loutraki, which is recognized by the, EU, since bottled in one of the 7 modern bottling plants in Loutraki, travels to the rest of Greece and around the world. In well-groomed drinking of thermal water, guests of Loutraki can help in treating heart disease, digestive diseases, liver failure, kidney-stone and bile etc. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF Scientific thermal healing waters of Loutraki, identified as chlorinated metal, slightly alkaline (BH = 7.2 to 7.3), radioucha (7-31 units MACHE, depending on the source). The water temperature of the source varies between 30 - 31 ° C.
   Religious Temples in back of Gerania is the monastery of Prophet Elias and 6 kilometers above the monastery of Saint Patapios hovering perched on a steep ridge offering air dimensional view of the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulf. The monastery was founded and expanded around the ancient hermitage with labors, labors, sacrifices and trials in 1952. The physical and spiritual beauty rewards the pilgrim or even the casual visitor. In the long natural cave is the holy relic of Saint Patapios the miraculous, reverently exposed in the wooden casket full of fragrance and miraculous grace, crowds of pious pilgrims receive the miraculous gift of God as practice mental and physical diseases. Finder of the Holy Relics, was the priest of Loutraki Constantine Sousanis. In 1904 Loutrakioton committee, headed by the aforementioned priest, excavating the cave to expand the space. While throwing a mantel built west of the cave, they discover the sacred relic imperisable and fragrant, bearing on this wooden crosses and Byzantine coins. The stone temple is decorated with Byzantine frescoes.
   The Church of Panagia Giatrisas is in the center of Loutraki and the image is miraculous. Joined 7 September the church full of people coming from all over Greece for the pilgrimage. Came in Loutraki spas for a woman named Mary, who was a midwife. Lived in the home of Mary Sokos, with whom he had friendly relations. Mary was when he went to pray in the Holy Land, brought a gift to Mary Sokos, the image of the Virgin with the infant Christ in her left side. In Jerusalem, the seller had said to Mary, to give the image of godly people who believe in it to light up candles and candle to burn day and night, because its icon. Maria all those said to Mary Sokos. Even he said that after 20 days of delivery of the Holy Image gonna die like he did. The image came at the hands of Sokos 1928. The devotion of the residents of Loutraki and foreign with time grew. Then I thought to make a church. With the help of the then Metropolitan of Corinth Damascus and donors, and built on land given them by John Marras opposite the present church was the first church of Panagia Giatrissas, so named because of the miracles he did.
    Ancient temples, two kilometers west of Lake Vouliagmeni is the archaeological site of the Heraion and consists of two sections, dedicated to Hera Hera Extreme and port respectively. The worship of the goddess revered began in the Geometric period and 800 BC built in honor of the first romanesque church. Later added other temples, altars, shelter to protect the sacred fire, galleries, market and utility rooms. It is assumed that the ritual of worship of Hera was the harbor, while the rest of the space were buildings for the convenience of guests. Loutraki is also within walking distance and other famous sites such as the ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplion, Delphi, Olympia, etc. Known since antiquity and the thermal water with THERMAI name, a name that has thermo Artemis - patroness of the thermal waters considered since then as a curative treatment and tourism city. Subsequently recognized as a metropolitan center of tourism in Greece and is today an important therapeutic and tourist station.
  Holidays and overnight in blue of sky and sea, sunset red, forest green, sights, lights, motion ... To hearing the sounds of the sea breeze from Gerania, music of nature and the night. To taste delicious local specialties and saltiness from the sea. To sniff smell of pine aromas of Greek nature, freshness emerging from everywhere. A destination that you live with it with all your senses. An unforgettable experience true relaxation and wellness will have the opportunity to live through the many accommodation options that will satisfy the most demanding. For more information Click here to view accommodation in Loutraki and find all the offers