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Property Management

If you own property which is located far from your current residence, whether this is in another country or in another city or if managing it has become a difficult task for you, for various reasons then why don't you let someone else do these jobs for you? Our office undertakes the management and offer you services for as long as you need them! 
Maintance staff guarantees you that your property will be ready for habitation rental or ownership occupancy, whenever you need it and you can enjoy accommontation without problems. Our experienced staff are available throughout the year for small and major repairs of the property and its equipment.
If your property needs cleaning before staying or given for rental we will take care of it.  We can recommend you solutions for the initial cleaning or maintenance of your property.
We take care of all kinds of billing payments such as electricity ,water etc of your property every month.
Our office undertakes to rent your property in case you want to take advantage of it and we give you the monthly rent We always look carefully into the case prior making a leasing agreement and if there is a case of nonpayment rents we initiate legal proceedures for eviction without bothering you .
Management fee is 6% to 10% of the value of the monthly rent. If you have more than one property there will be a discount. For the period during which your property is not rented the administration fee is 20 euro per month. Payment of bills for utilities, repairs and cleaning of the property will be paid additionally. The fee will be set according to the specific case.
For any further information please contact us 27440-65483 & 6980040111