FAQIt is necessary to sign either as buyer or as seller mandate to award Broker?

The role of the written order is multiple . specifically:

- Serves security on property and persons residing within it. Consider that a real estate agent during promotion of a property, can theoretically show it in dozens of different people, unknown intentions. Indeed, if the property is occupied , compromising sensitive personal data of people living in it, but also their safety. So it is reasonable and logical to be kept a detailed record of the details of those who visited this property . This command suggestion therefore not apply anything more than the well-known principle that we all hold about ourselves : We do not place strangers in our house .

So it is very reasonable, especially in property which the professional real estate agent to refuse to show you the property and to reveal the exact location it is , if you refuse to sign the mandate stated. Put yourself in the position of the owner. How would you react if your broker revealed that he does not know anything about the man who just now brought to your home ... ? Explicit instruction besides the Greek Federation of Realtors and local associations to professional real estate agents are strictly adhered to the conclusion mandate suggestion of a property.
- Validates the agreement for brokerage fees . And reveals the sincere intention of the signatory to use the brokerage services of real estate agent, so you buy this property if it meets the conditions it has set and then pay the specified fee in professional mediation in the closure of Agreement. Caution ! Make sure that the man in front of you , it is lawful professional real estate agent and not someone who performs illicit brokering or serve unknown to your interests. You'd always meeting appointments in his office to see if the license and certificate are prominent to avoid pitfalls . Remember that if the man who appears as a broker is legitimate , then you are not required to pay brokerage fees .

- Ensures the purchaser against malicious acts and by unqualified practitioners . Having signed mandate suggestion authorize officially estate agent who serves you to act in the future to search for property on your behalf.
At the same time orders suggestion form an unshakable testimony , both for the quoted price , and for the details of the beneficial owners and the basic characteristics of the property you saw. This protects you from arbitrary price changes , usually retrospective ( ! ) And baseless excuses. A careful buyer , these are all upon a way to verify the correctness of information obtained, but also as a result of the evaluation of professionals with whom they come into contact, so easy to choose the most correct . Watch out ! Unauthorized brokers do NOT have printed hint property and should be either overly cautious with them. Notes " in the words " without any written proof of what you saw , who owns , when and with whom you saw , you should explicitly avoided ! You ask yourself to prepare mandates stated.