FAQInformation for owners

If you are a homeowner and you think to sell, you need to know how you played a major role in the sale. If you follow the advice of our firm will sell your property quickly and at the best price possible.

The easiest way to improve the appearance of your home is to renovate with little money and improve the places are not very elegant.

Invest a few hours for the internal cleaning of the house. Also refresh the color of the walls it has faded. Freshly painted walls add shine and positively predispose the buyer.

Check the plumbing and lights. Replace burnt-out bulbs with new ones and fix leaks in the kitchen and toilets. Do not let little problems spoil the overall picture of your home.

If the door jam and grind to make sure that it will be "stuck" in the mind of the buyer and will not cause a good impression. Be sure to oiling and repairs with little money.

Think about safety. Usually homeowners have thrown things and so are the house bad image. So, make sure to sweep and to arrange!

Remember that many buyers are looking for something more than ample space.Looking for large, spacious homes. So make sure the rooms are arranged to show bigger!

Make your bathroom sparkling! Because a good bath can determine the decision to buy a house, make sure not only be clean, but to shine! Display the best towels you and hang a net curtain in the shower.

If it is evening, then turn all the lights. This will give good impression to the buyer and the brief idea positively.

Be friendly and comfortable. Not you too, but social and tire the prospective buyer.

Keep a low profile. Nobody knows your home better than you. But the experienced broker knows very well the buyers and exactly what they ask.

Caution do not want to fool the prospective buyer but to emphasize the positive aspects of the property and remember that everyone loves grooming, cleaning and arranging.