FAQI buy old or newly built?

For all the answers there are pros and cons. So the question that every prospective buyer makes himself available for and against.

Below we give our opinion.

New Development:
• Are new
• Below the seismic regulations
• They will bring goodwill to the future
• When will be repaid is still relatively new
• Have a simpler procedure Loan
• They are easy and inexpensive changes that may want
• Have art materials
• It is smaller because they have lower rates Builder
• Not tested on time (workmanship)
• They have semi-open spaces (the houses even more)
• Are the costs (solar panels, awnings, a / c, benefits, etc.)
• It is expensive (expensive land and high rate of contribution)

Old (10 years and over)
• More measures
• More comfortable spaces
• It is usually more of the newly constructed at the point of interest
• Tested in time
• It is cheaper
• Some opportunities are
• They are shaped as desired
• It is used
• You may need renovation
• While the apartment is nice, the building can be scruffy
• It may be overpriced
• When will be repaid may be old
• At best they will maintain their value.