Information for buyersTips before buying

The most important elements that should be familiar with the prospective buyer before the agent's visit. Have decided to no longer wants to buy area. The square measures the cover. And calculate the cost to know the real possibility that, so put your finances in order, and more if it is lending.

Often the price of the property is higher than the actual. They have recorded many cases the owners request and often receive a much higher price than the actual value of the property. (A good broker knows why anelipos monitor the market).

Lenders and real estate agents can not tell you how much you can borrow. The only thing they can help you to let you know the maximum amount you are entitled to borrow, and when you borrow from a bank, taking into account other criteria.

Buying property is a good long term investment. However, there are periods of rising prices, as there are periods of descent. If you have a home for a long period of your life, then this will certainly have a good rise in value.

Consider renting better if you know that you need to move soon. Given the costs associated with buying and selling a home is unattractive to sell your new home the first 3 years.

Choose a loan that suits your needs and you can accept the risk. Do not choose a variable rate loan unless you can afford the highest possible monthly payment and the risk of variation in dose.

Invest time in finding the best broker. A patient and informed broker can add value to the transaction of a house. A mediocre or bad broker can be an obstacle.Remember that estate agents and other participants are paid only if you buy.

Beware of fake sellers, brokers supposedly, make sure the broker is a professional with his own office has registration number is written in the Chamber of Commerce and the Realtors Association, find out by making an appointment to the office of agent to see if the license and the certificate in a conspicuous place, has happened many times someone "paramesitis" giving vague information only disruption can offer, try to sell overpriced real estate and securities issues, mainly pure, avoid them before you lose valuable time and money.

There is quite a deal of real estate. Smart buyers realize that there are cases where it is wise to make a low offer, and where is best to make the highest bid you can afford. But always remember that everything is negotiable.